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Referee Courses
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2018 Grade 6 Referee Exam 
2018 Grade 7 Recert and Exam 
Course: Grade 5 New 
Exam: Grade 9 (Recertifying Referees) 
Exam for Recertifying 2018 Grade 9 referees
Exam: Grade 8 (English -- Recertifying Referees) 
Exam: Grade 13/15/16 Emeritus Referee 
Emeritus Referee Exam
Course: Grade 9 New Referee -- PART 1 
Entry-level course for individuals who want to referee recreational and small-sided soccer for the first time. No prior experience is required. Part 1 consists of online training only. At the end of part 1, you will be provided with a code that allows you to register for part 2.
Course: Grade 8 New Referee 
10-Hour Grade 8 Referee Class
* Session 1, the online USSF Grade 8 Course must be completed prior to attending the first session. Referees that do not complete the online modules will be sent home.

PREREQUISITE: 5 games as Referee at U11+ OR Age 16

Grade 9 Referees under Age 16: Contact with your game count for code
Fitness Test 
An annual fitness test is required for referees at Grade 7 and higher.
A fitness test is required prior to appointment to regional events.
"Top 100" fitness bonuses are granted to Grade 8 referees that pass the fitness test
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Assignor Courses
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Assignor Inservice 
Assignor Registration and Exam 
Online annual registration
Assignor Training 
Assignor Course
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Futsal Courses
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New Grade 8 Futsal Referee 
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Combined Courses
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In-Service Training: Rhode Island Pro Clinic 
The pro clinic is advanced referee training taught by a national instructor. There is a morning session and an afternoon session. Each session will count towards 4 hours of inservice training. Attendance at both sessions would serve as the completion of your inservice training required for Grade 6.
State Panel Instruction 
Course: Grade 9 New Referee -- PART 2 
Part 2 of the Entry-level course, the field session! The listed fee includes a uniform kit: 2 jerseys (gold and black), shorts, socks and a wallet with red/yellow card set. In addition to the provided uniform, new referees will need to obtain the following equipment prior to officiating their first match: a wristwatch, a whistle, a set of flags. Included online training must be completed before the field session. YOU MAY NOT REGISTER FOR PART 2 UNTIL PART 1 IS COMPLETE!
In-Service Training: Classroom Session 
Various topics presented in a classroom setting.
2 hours of in-service training are granted for completion of this training. Check the grade requirements for each session.